Opulentia Capital LLC investing in the British, US and Australian Plastics and Rubber industry

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Ruplas Group Limited is the vehicle established to acquire companies in the industry to build a group with cumulative sales in excess of 100m GBP. They are looking to acquire convertors that have at least 10 years’ experience and revenues between 4m GBP to 30m GBP.

Recycled plastics will form a large part of the group as Opulentia sees that this segment will have a significant growth in the near future; growth that maybe slowed through the pandemics but all the lost ground will surely be recovered as the march towards more sustainable consumption will continue with renewed vigour.

Plastics and Rubbers is a segment with annual revenues of 27bn GBP and it employs 162k people in the UK. Despite being such a large segment, it is very much a fragmented segment comprising of 5,800 companies. Where there is fragmentation, Opulentia is a specialist of consolidation with similar experience in both the leisure and food space.

Mr Bruce Margetts has recently joined the Board of Directors for Ruplas Group Limited. Bruce is currently Managing Director of Bericap UK, a large plastics converter, with 26 production units around the world, providing caps and closures solutions to the largest players in multiple end markets. Previously, Bruce was President of The British Plastics Federation and also spent 18 years with the RPC Group a global design and engineering company specialising in polymer conversion. Bruce Margetts said “I look forward to offering my knowledge and experience to help build the group and grow the companies acquired.”

Bogdan Georgescu, Director of Ruplas Group Limited said “Our goal is to build a 100m revenue group in this space. Acquire and invest in Plastics, Rubbers and other related businesses. The model is to be involved with long established and well run companies, for which they can benefit from being part of a larger group and take business to the next level.”



Contacts for IR and media enquiries:

Bogdan Georgescu

+44(0)1843 482 177


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