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Falcon Leisure Group focuses on the caravan and motorhome sector, where it has significant resources, experience, and expertise and capitalizes on unique buying power, enhanced collaboration, operating relationships, and capabilities. Currently, Falcon Leisure Groups’ total revenue is £43m and an operating profit of £2m. Let’s look at what makes Falcon Leisure Group a success.

An expert team Falcon Leisure Group is backed by us at Opulentia Capital.

A larger group has boundless opportunities Being a larger group provides us with boundless opportunities, and some of the benefits associated with this are

Talent & Careers

  • Hiring & retaining the best talent in the industry is paramount to the group’s success – a more extensive group provides excellent career prospects for our biggest asset – our people.
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Sharing services & head office functions create efficiencies across the group. Optimised Best Practices

• Taking A class processes & ideas from each business in the group improves the performance across the group

Unique Buying Power • Collective spending in key areas of the supply chain gives better Falcon Leisure Group better buying power.

Let’s have a chat… Are you a business owner operating in the leisure industry with revenues from 2m – 50m GBP exploring an exit? Or are you interested in joining a larger group? Please get in touch with us.

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