Marketing Group

Marketing Group

Digital Marketing Agency – From 5M/Year to 20M/Year


Opulentia Capital took a minority investment position was taken in a leading brand marketing agency with major clients in the consumer products and drinks industry.

Pre-Investment Key Facts

  • Pre-Investment, the company was making 5M/Year in annual revenue.

  • Key clients like Maxibon Ice-Cream, Genting Casinos, Lamb´s Navy Rum, etc…

  • The agency was looking at different alternatives to grow the business & take it to the next level.

Key Initiatives

  • Implemented our Operational & Financial Engineering Playbook to increase profitability of the company.

  • Implemented an acquisitive growth strategy for add-on acquisitions to the firm.

  • Engineered cross-selling activities through partnerships & JV agreements.

  • Implemented a marketing efforts to close more contracts.

  • Advisory for back-office financial & commercial efficiencies.


  • With the implementation of the acquisitive growth strategy, a majority stake was bought in another Digital Marketing Agency & Media Buying Business & added 5M/year in additional revenue to the firm.

  • Added diversified client revenue base with clients in large Universities and blue-chip clients like Rolls-Royce.

  • Cross-selling synergies and activities where expedited and closed a contract worth 600k with another large blue-chip client.

  • 2 More Marketing Agencies where acquired in the space.10M/Year in additional revenue was generated through the 2 acquisitions &

  • implemented cross-selling activities & synergies within the companies.

  • Company went from an initial 5M/Year revenue business, and is currently a 20M/Year revenue business with more financial stability, broader client base & larger service offering.

  • On Exit, the shareholding valuation of the company at 20M/Year will naturally be higher as opposed to its initial valuation at 5M/year.