Case Studies

Opulentia Capital have been involved in over 100+ mergers and acquisitions. We can provide various case studies of successful acquisitions and or groups we have been involved in here is a snapshot of two success stories

Ta8me Group

Are the fastest growing private hire and taxi group. We worked with the founders from 2020-2022 were they acquired 28 companies. Upon acquisition they were able to plug each company into their technology, infrastructure to uplift the profitability of each company. We successfully exited our stake in the venture in December 2022. They have since gone on to continue the acquisition journey and accessed private equity funding.

ONQOR Limited

A Marketing Agency we are working with and are helping to acquire businesses to grow their portfolio. Since we started working with them in February 2024 we´ve managed to acquire the first company two months later, Maxx Design Ltd a traditional and digital marketing agency in Berkshire (South East of the UK) Established in 1995.

Audience Group

A collection of mergers & acquisitions within the marketing space. We started working with a brand marketing agency to help them acquire a tactical acquisition to complement / provide cross selling / enhanced capability. We helped them acquire a media buying agency which and the group was sold to the Private Equity partner.

Premium Motorhomes

A family business which we acquired in 2021 and worked to help them grow their brand in the UK. Selling premium high quality motorhomes, principally for German manufacturers. The company continues to prosper and we sold the company to the management team who continue to grow the business.


Is a food processing business specialising in bakery products used in Italian cooking. We remain involved as an equity partner and our goal is to grow the group with further acquisitions in the Italian food and bakery sector.